Hello! I'm Betty - A psychologist and a certified personal developmentĀ coach.

I help people whose self-trust has been shaken by a life event in their career or personal life.

You and I turn around confusion and fear into courage, motivation and action.


Using the common ground between psychology, neuroscience and coaching I feel at my best moving my clients from fear to action.


The first session takes 30 minutes to find out if working together feels right. Afterwards I normally offer packages of 4 sessions. At the moment I'm using Skype and Google Hang out. In a future I'll be at Rapperswil (SG) and ZĆ¼rich.


I offer sessions in my native language (Spanish) and also English. Also German may be an option. Please call me if you wish to clarify.


RE-Evolution is born to support people to reach FREEDOM and knock out FEAR.


I believe that if you want to lead, influence or inspire someone else, you need to start by leading your own life.


We find what is truly important to you, define your real vision, discover your hidden potential, create your strategy and go for it.


Beside my bachelor in Psychology, I'm a professional certified coach with nearly 10 years experience in corporate (Human Resources) and thousands of experiences in my backpack.

Growing up as part of an extensive family made me a diversity seeker. I started to travel as soon as I could, not knowing that Switzerland would steal my heart. Living here and being part of a local/multicultural community has enriched my view of the world beyond what I have dreamt of.

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